Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Earth Day 2012 Oscar Scherer State Park

My review of Oscar Scherer State Park, Osprey, FL Earth Day 2012
On one of the rare occasions that I got to get out of the house for other than a Doctor appointment developed into a car ride heading North on I-75 from fort Myers. It was a cool day for Florida which always makes travel easier for me. About 100 miles later I needed to stop and regroup a bit, we got off at exit 205 in Sarasota, FL. We headed West off the highway looking for somewhere we could park. I seen a sign for Oscar Scherer and thought that might be the best of both world. I can get some fresh air and Hubby and my Momma would have something to entertain themselves with. Little to my surprise this park is very Handicap Friendly. I actually got to go on 2 of the nature trails. The first was a narrated 1/2 mile round trip trail with a butterfly garden. The path was a mixture of concrete, wooden bridges, and crushed shell/dirt. The ground was a little soft in spots due to some recent rain and my wheelchair tires would spin but Mark was able to give me a push and all was well. The second trail was 1 mile and was a more rugged dirt path. This path had a few hills so Mark got a work out pushing me through, but it was so fun. I don't think he minded one bit. The park had plenty of picnic areas, including one in the butterfly garden, canoe rentals, swimming, camp ground, nature center, play grounds, and even a free wi-fi area. Although I did not actually get to see them, I read a sign that stated they offer "Sand Wheelchairs" The restrooms were VERY clean and the park itself was tidy. Over all I was pretty impressed and wouldn't think twice about going back again. I got to collect a few leaves and shells that I can't wait to incorporate into some kind of craft. So overall this Handicapped Crafter gives Oscar Scherer State Park two thumbs up.
I'm including some pictures along with a link to the park.


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